1. Note taking app with external pocket keyboard
  2. Directions without sound. Vibrate twice for left, once for right. Speed trap alert.
  3. Milkware. I need to lose some weight. Alert for to do list with message for each item. Egg, Milk, Broccoli
  4. tasks for project delivered over watch. what is the scheduled time, what is the actual time. Personalized for developer working on a specific task.
  5. organizing hackathon. if people like snack, how do you find out. place order and let google shopping express deliver 10 boxes to you
  6. allows you to send keystrokes from watch to computer. can use voice command “right” for moving power point

Retail and Dining

  1. Restaurant is crowded. Tap your watch, order some beer at bar while you are waiting. When your beer is ready, get notification, when your table is ready, get the specials for today


  1. Video pop. Live video broadcasting. If they don’t get a notification, they will miss it. Two phones and watch gets a notification with the first frame of the video.


  1. Uber.Lyft/Sidecar. App for passenger and app for driver. Passenger: request a ride from this driver. Driver: watch, accept ride. Improved safety since don’t have to look at phone
  2. Vehicle simulator. If there is an accident. Maybe you can check on a kid who is driving. When ever the trip finished, get notification at destination of trip. swipe left and option to file expense report
  3. trying to bicycle and don’t want to look at phone in sun or don’t want to pull out phone in bad neighborhood. Vibrate once for left, twice for right. Safer and eyes free. [Winner!]
  4. when we drive we want to go, but we don’t have enough time to look for options. While you are driving. Knows when lunch and coffee break is. Tells you there is a Starbucks around and can display map on phone. The app should know me better and know what I like
  5. speed. tracks your acceleration and cals speed. vibrate if over 70 mph. running if you hold threshold. track highest speed in limited amount of time
  6. when next train is coming. “train arriving"

Big Brands

  1. EA
    1. App extensions let you dictate gameplay on your phone or console, like accessing the “Team Driver” feature in Real Racing 3 to make passive progress by having their team driver complete race events when they’re not actively playing the game on their phones.
    2. Use the fitness component in the watch to unlock capabilities in the game that might be on your iPhone.
    3. Crafting or some other auction trading on your watch that goes back into your tablet game that you might check out later when you get home.
  2. Twitter
    1. View a Vine video
    2. "Glances" to give you a real-time look into what’s trending on Twitter
    3. Uniquely suited to highlight:
      1. transit delays
      2. major accidents
      3. local disasters
      4. your timeline is going nuts for some reason

Health and Fitness

  1. Carbon dioxide external sensor bought from kickstarter project. Shows sensor reading and whether it is dangerous
  2. 7-minute workout. Interval training. Start with jumping jacks, it counts them. 30 seconds exercise 10 secs rest, 12 exercises. Give you live feedback on how well you are moving. when the rest comes, you can swipte to the right nd look at the next exercise or swipe again to get results of the last exercise  [Winner!]
  3. Healthcare. Use remote monitoring for someone you don’t want to be there physically. If somebody doesn’t move for an hour. “Emergency message will be sent if you do not move” If you don’t shake you arm, then it sends a message to family or caregiver. Use bluetooth and beacon can detect if the person leaves an area they shouldn’t be in. Time based, if they walk around in the middle of the night  [Winner!]
  4. People don’t take their medicine on time or at all. “Did you take your vitamins today?” notification. easy, yes/no. Reply with voice. Can change questions over time to help stay interested (about general trivia) Can show stats over time

Data Feeds

  1. Wind speed and current location.
  2. Severe weather alert. Notification - start time. share the alert opens the list on on your phone. Or open the app on your phone. View map of this area.
  3. Sports alert. Score, Position on base of baseball players. DSP, could recognize a siren and alert a deaf user.
  4. Stocks app. Uses API from Yahoo finance. Type company name and it converts in to symbol and retirees info
  5. Set up price alerts on phone companion app to let you know when stock hits a price. Then when you are walking around you can get an alert and act on it — Buy? Take a quick action while you are on the road
  6. Sprts score tacker. Connect to ESPN. When ever there is a team that scores in world cup, it fetches the current score. You can swipe to get stats like total shots. Swipe again to tweet that the score just happened


  1. Flash card game with options
  2. game. word game. Vocabulary. select dictionary from phone app. notifications on watch. select right answer. Phone can display stats about how many right/wrong. In the future repeat words you got wrong. Can have a stacked view of the flashcards

Apple Watch Launch Partners

These companies have early access to WatchKit and were demoed on stage at the annoncement.

  1. American Airlines allows you to handle the entire process of checking in to boarding the plane with their app.
    Starwood hotels allows you to check in on your watch and you can open your hotel door by waving your watch in front of the door.
  2. The City Mapper app gives you mass transit directions and reminds you to get off at the right stop by tapping you on your wrist!
  3. The Pinterest app alerts you when you are near sites of interest that you have marked in advance and even gives you walking directions.
  4. BMW lets you see the charge level of your car, and will give you directions to where you parked your car.
  5. Major League Baseball lets you see the current sports scores.
  6. Honeywell lets you control the temperature in your home.
  7. The Lutron app allows you to control the lighting in your home.
  8. The Nike app allows you to challenge your friends to go for a run.


Google Mini Hackathon for Android Wear

On June 14, 2014, Google hosted a mini hackathon for Android Wear at their office in Mountain View. SF Tech Beat wrote up an awesome summary

iWatch Meetup Events

We brainstorm ideas at local meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out the group and shoot me a message if you'd like to get involved in a different city.

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