Apple's "iWatch" will be announced on September 9th and arrive in stores in early 2015. Expect a slim-profile watch running iOS that integrates with iPhones and iPads. There will undoubtably be new types of apps for the platform that haven't been invented yet.


Thankfully, we've got a good sense of what the watch will actually do. You can bet Apple's watch will deliver email, message and app notifications to your wrist. You'll also be able to view maps and turn-by-turn directions on it. We know that Siri is getting smarter (behind closed doors, anyway), and she may play a role in how apps are displayed on devices with limited screen sizes.

Then there's the wellness angle. Apple's making a big mobile health push in the form of HealthKit for iOS 8, and its watch would be the perfect tool to collect some of that data on the fly. All told, there will be more than 10 sensors nestled in the watch to help keep tabs on your body. As it turns out, the watch will also tie into the new payments platform over a built-in NFC chip, so it's possible you'll be able to pay for your morning coffee with a tap of your wrist soon enough. Oh, and when it comes time to give the thing some juice? Apple is notorious for being all about appearances, which lends credence to the reports that they've eschewed icky cables in favor of a wireless charging system.



According to the The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal we'll see two sizes with curved (and maybe even flexible) OLED screens coated in sapphire glass. Last time that "two model" rumor made the rounds, Business Insider guessed that Apple was working on distinct versions for men and women, but it's also possible we're just looking at two different form factors à la the traditional Samsung Gear and the bracelet-y Gear Fit.


Either way, we've already seen style play a big part in people's smartwatch preferences. Remember Google I/O? Attendees were given both Samsung's and LG's Android Wear watches, but an audible groan ran through the crowd when they realized they wouldn't get the utterly handsome circular Moto 360.



  • blood pressure
  • heart rate
  • hydration
  • oxygen in the blood (oxygenation)
  • sweat
  • movement (pedometer, motion processor)
  • gravity (gyro)
  • accelleration (accelerometer)
  • magnetism (compass)
  • air pressure (barometer)
  • location (gps)
  • fingerprint scanner


  • NFC
  • bluetooth
  • wifi


  • Wireless charging


Health Applications

 The watch will have biometric sensors that integrate with a new Health app.