Today Apple previewed new hardware for iPad, Mac mini, and iMac. But, here's the big news, as a surprise they also announced that WatchKit would be available in November. 

Now using my best tea leave reading and star alignment skills, I believe I have a good guess at the date: November 18

Employee Thanksgiving

After the absolutely massive iPhone 6 launch weekend, 10 million sold, Tim Cook decided to give employees at Apple HQ the week of Thanksgiving off. In an email sent to all employees, Cook says “without you, none of these accomplishments would have been possible. Our people are the soul of our company, and we all need time to refresh and renew.” So, he’s “happy to announce that [Apple is] extending the Thanksgiving holiday this year. [Apple] will shut down with pay on November 24, 25 and 26 so our teams can enjoy the whole week off.”

Apple Release Schedule

Apple has been like clockwork with their releases lately. 

  • Tuesday July 15 - Xcode beta 3, Swift language update
  • Tuesday September 9 - Swift 1.0
  • Tuesday September 30 - Yosemite GM
  • ... Tuesday November 18 - WatchKit

Why November 18

So putting the blocks together, no one will be in the office for the last week of November. Apple usually releases on Tuesday so that there is time to both prepare and do damage control should anything go wrong. That pins the date the week before Thanksgiving on a Tuesday: November 18.

We're tentatively planning a WatchKit hackathon for November 23rd live from Hacker Dojo and globally via Hangout on Air. We'll also have a Workshop November 22nd to learn design and code for WatchKit. Let me know what you think in the comments.