WatchKit has been announced. We'll be among the first to put it through its paces.

November 23, 2014


Some programming experience and familiarity with Xcode will be helpful. By investing a bit of time up front, it will make it much easier to build something cool. 

Some of the experiences that would be fun to see:

  • CoreMotion magic with sensors
  • A fluid user experience
  • A technically impressive app
  • A new idea that wasn’t yet possible on the iPhone or iPad
  • Bringing in connected API data
  • An inter-personal communication app
  • Use of the Watch hardware
  • Use of notifications and glances
  • Use of health data

If you’ve never built an app before, you’re still certainly welcome to hack. After all, we’re all beginners. 

We have a Workshop on Saturday, Nov 22 and more coming on our Meetup group.

May I also suggest as preparation:



One more thing: Today we're announcing our very own Watch Simulator. It is a template app that runs on an iPhone or iPad. Run it in Xcode and you'll get a sample counting app. Just another way to be ahead of the game. Can't wait to see what you build with it.