We had a great event at in Mountain View.

This was live code event where we walked though Swift. We started with the basics so everyone was welcome. We built a playground to see the results as we went along.

Learning Resources

Questions from the Session

How can I use audio in my app?

Custom sounds can also make a big difference, especially for a game! You can find some free music here and make your own sound effects with this tool.

How can I bridge to and from Objective-C?

The Swift Language User Group meetup had an excellent talk on this by Jonathan Blocksom. His talk covered how you can work with both languages in one project: what works well and what pitfalls there are. The talk was recorded with the video & slides are synchronized and there are code samples.

How can I use Storyboards to build an app?

At the event, we quickly showed how to add a button and make it change its text when tapped. On November 2nd, I'm offering a 1-day bootcamp to learn how to build a whole app. Maybe you've been dreaming of building apps, but haven't been able to set aside the time. This bootcamp will be personalized instruction and ensures that you come out of this with a real app that works on iPhone and iPad.