Upcoming Events

November 2
Swift Bootcamp
If you've been dreaming of building an app, this is the perfect chance to spend a day with face-to-face instruction.

November 23
WatchKit Hackathon
A day for imagining whats possible on the Apple Watch.

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We had a fun event in San Francisco. Special thanks to Sandbox Suites for our venue and to the Swift Developers Community SF meetup group for having me speak.

This was live code event where we walked though Swift. Everyone in the room had worked through a Swift tutorial previously, so we were able to move at a bit quicker pace. We built a playground to see the results as we went along.


If I declare an array with 'let' is it immutable?

Yes, it is a constant, not a variable. However, curiously in Xcode 6.1, there is no error in a Playground. If you try this in a Project, there is the correct error.

Xcode Playground: No error?

Xcode Project: Correct error

How can I use my own Swift classes from a project inside a playground that's in the same project?

Not sure. I spent some time investigating this, but could never get it to work. I'll be following this StackOverflow post, Import my own swift class into Playground for the answer.