The EchoUser team, Seiko Itakura and Yi-Ying Lin, started with paper sketches and eventually worked their way up to high quality renders made with Sketch.

They presented the design decisions they made along the way including the unique-to-watch features of "Doodle" and "Say Hi".

After their presentation we split up into six teams and thought through a designing an app of our own. The meetup teams worked on:

We had a great meetup event in San Francisco last night. Thanks to EchoUser for hosting.


A couple of team members from EchoUser designed Tinder for the Watch. I discovered them from a ThinkApps blog post called, Apple Watch: What Your Favorite Apps Will Look Like.

Maps for Apple Watch


  • Swipe down to search: speak the destination. Choose from several guesses if it is not sure exactly how you pronounced the street name.
  • Choosing paths: differentiate by incline (useful for San Francisco altitude changes)
  • Directions: as you approach a turn, it vibrates more and more intensely
  • Green lights: if the Watch can piggy back data off of other users in front of them it could say things like, "If you were to run a little bit faster, you could make it through this light."


  • Features: GeoLocation, Apple Pay, Taptic Feedback, Digital Crown
  • Use case:
    1. Pick up an Uber car
    2. See the fare
    3. Track the Uber car
    4. Pay instantly
    5. Let me know the car is here
    6. Set minimum fare using Digital Crown -- auction!

Uber for Apple Watch

Groupie for Apple Watch


  • Goal: Discover, Connect, Have Fun
  • Use case:
    1. Check in with Groupie
    2. Select your interest or event
    3. When you are within 5 feet of a friendly person, your watches both light up the same color so you can find each other
    4. Exchange contact info with a fist bump



  • Create a task
  • Browse to-do list
  • Complete a task (continuity)




  • Logo animates on screen similar to the Twitter iPhone app
  • Use the Digital Crown to adjust your range to find people around you
  • Connect with them or send an audio message


Pinterest for Apple Watch



  • Discover pins in an infinite canvas
  • Use the Digital Crown to zoom on the list view or on an individual pin
  • Use the Recent Contacts button to pin the item you are currently viewing
  • Double tap to favorite

That's it! Thanks to everyone who joined us in-person, those of you who watched live via the Hangout on Air, and finally to those of you who are reading about it all here. Echo User has posted the slides and more pictures in a recap post on their blog.

We've been keeping a running list of Apple Watch app ideas. We're planning to build some of those apps at the very first WatchKit Hackathon on Nov 23. The day before, we've planned a workshop to go over Swift code for WatchKit and design for the WATCH. See you there!