We had a fun event in Mountain View. Special thanks to Coursera for hosting our venue and to the Silicon Valley iOS Developers meetup group for putting the event together.

We knew WatchKit was coming and so our goal was to provide a tour of what we as developers could be thinking about for building apps. 

As it turns out WatchKit is now available -- the next day! If you're as pumped as I am, join us for the hackathon this weekend.

The evening consisted of three presentations:

  • Ben Morrow — WatchKit Apps and how the Apple Watch can be used in three key ways: for glances, for health, and for communication
  • Ramin Firoozye — an overview of the history of smart watches, their competitive advantages, and what kinds of apps we might want to build for them
  • Brandon Tram and Michelle Wong — “Under the Hood of Scalable Apps,” how the iOS and Android teams at Coursera work: analytics, modular frameworks, testing and more

Video and Slides

Video of the iOS Developers meetup event, Eye on WatchKit, presentations at Coursera