We had a wonderful event in November. 33 teams presented. The is only the beginning.  We're going to get better and better as time goes on.

As we come to a close for 2014, its time to plan for 2015. Back in October, I pinned the date of the WatchKit release, exactly. So to continue the tradition of prognosticating, I wanted to see if I could choose the dates for 2015 that would best fit the release schedule.

Spring WATCH Hackathon

The decision on when to host the Spring hackathon is all about when the Apple Watch gets released. 

Retail head, Angela Ahrendts, said the launch would be in “the Spring.” That would line up with the timeframe we've seen for iPad and Apple TV releases in the past.

iPad Release Dates

iPad (1st generation)
April 3, 2010

iPad 2
March 11, 2011

iPad (3rd generation)
March 16, 2012

iPad (4th generation)
February 5, 2013

Apple TV Releases

tv (3rd generation)
March 7, 2012

tv (3rd generation Rev. A)
January 28, 2013

There have been some rumors that it would be out in time for Valentines Day.  This seems a little too tight, given that production is beginning in January. Perhaps though, Apple will announce allow preorders in time for Valentine's Day, and the release iteslf will happen in March. 

The original iPad was announced on January 27, 2010, by Steve Jobs. Apple sends out Valentines marketing emails in the last few days in January (e.g. January 30, 2011 & January 29, 2013) So, Apple could send an email that preorders are open around that time. 

When the iPhone 6 Plus was announced, we saw shipping delays from preorders go into 3-4 weeks before. To be safe, it looks like early April is going to be ideal. I want to make sure everybody who wants to get the hardware before the hackathon has a chance to, while still not waiting long after the release.

UpdateRelease by late March
Update 2Q1 2015 Earnings Call

I'm choosing June 13, 2015.

Development for Apple Watch is right on schedule and we expect to begin shipping in April. Developers are hard at work on apps, notifications, and information summaries that we call glances being designed specifically for the watch’s user interface. The creativity and software innovation going on around Apple Watch is incredibly exciting. We can’t wait for our customers to experience them when Apple Watch becomes available.
— Tim Cook, Q1 Earnings Call

Autumn WatchKit Hackathon

The decision on when to host the Autumn hackathon rests on when iOS 9 and the next generation of WatchKit will be available.

Apple will be announcing new WatchKit functionality at WWDC in June. They'll have lots of sessions teaching the best ways to use the new platform. And perhaps, we'll even get expanded functionality.

iOS Release Dates

iOS 5
October 12, 2011

iOS 6
September 19, 2012

iOS 7
September 18, 2013

iOS 8
September 17, 2014

I want to ensure that we have access to the final code and full SDK for the Fall Hackathon. The reason is that as we saw this year Apple made changes over time during the Xcode and iOS betas between the announcements at WWDC in June and the final release in September. If we're going to have a hackathon it will be best to work with final release, not the beta. In the past, Apple has also held its developers to NDA during the beta period. 

All four iOS releases happened on a Wednesday. That pegs the projected release of iOS 9 to September 16, 2015.

This means that we'd want to have September 26-27, 2014