After the great turnout at the hackathon, we are back to our regular meetups. We had a fun event in Mountain View last night. Seb Hareng provided all kinds of tips and tricks for the App Store.

App Store Optimization is using keywords and images to make sure your app gets found when users are searching.


Slides transcript 

  1. Ben -- WatchKit Hackathon Results
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Introducing Seb
  4. Seb -- Title Slide
  5. About Me
    • Came to California from France 16 years ago
    • CEO of
    • Host of (Blog about app marketing)
    • Worked before at Netflix and Invisalign
  6. First App
    • Created my first app in 2010 called iFindBikes
    • Took me 3 months but it was not a success because I didn’t know how to do Marketing
  7. App Marketing
    • Intersection of iPhone/iPad Users and Our Apps is App Marketing
    • App Marketing is the bridge between mobile users and our applications.
    • Without it, people don’t find our apps
  8. Topics
    • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    • App Analytics
  9. How People Find Apps
    • There are many ways to discover apps but the most common one is through app store search
  10. Search Process - 4 Steps
    • App Store search broken down in 4 steps.
    • We’ll first talk about the first 2: Enter Keywords & Browse Results
    • How to get our apps in the results
  11. How is Apple indexing apps?
    • Apple indexes 4 fields: App Title, Keyword List, In App Purchase Name, Company Name
    • The 2 majors ones are: app title and app keywords
    • Add keywords there, no need to duplicate
  12. Hypotheical example
    • Mexican Recipes App
  13. Creating a large keyword list
    • The initial goal is to get as many keywords as possible related to the apps we’re planning to publish
  14. How to Evaluate Keywords
    • Enter keywords listed before in Sensor Tower to find good keywords.
    • Good keywords have low competition and high traffic.
  15. ASO For Apple Watch Apps
  16. Search Process: Part 2
    • Now let’s cover the last 2 steps of the app search process
  17. Discoverability
    • Like apps, cereal boxes are product that people buy. It’s a competitive market and each brand fights hard to get the shopper’s attention and ultimately the sale.

    • No matter how good cereals are, brands would not use white boxes to sell them.
      You need to do the same with your apps and fight for the user’s attention.

    • For more details, check out my blog post on the subject.

  18. White box example:

    • Text Expander App

  19. Better presented example:

    • Yummly App

  20. Real life pictures example

    • Heads Up App

    • Creative way for this game to not show its screenshot but how people play the game

  21. Design Resources

  22. Screenshot Creation Tools

    • Great tools to create professional looking screenshots:

  23. Analytics in iTunes Connect

    • Coming module in iTunes Connect (not released at the time the presentation was given). Was presented to developers at the WWDC 2014 conference.

  24. Analytics screenhot

    •  For the first time, Apple will give us the number of views we get for our apps.

  25. Why App Analytics is important.

    • "You can't improve what you don't measure."

  26. App Analytics Options

    • App Analytics happens at 2 levels.

      1 - External:
      How your app performs in general in the app store
      Number of downloads, revenue, broken down by country ….
      For this I use App Annie and Sensor Tower (tells how my selected keywords are performing for my apps).

      2 – Internal
      How your app performs once people start using it. Are people using it often (retention), what kind of profile people have, …
      The 2 main tools that people use are Flurry and Google Analytics mobile. I personally prefer using Flurry.

  27. Flurry

    • Flurry comes with many graphs by default. You just need to add 3 lines of code to your app to get all those graphs.

    • Weekly or Monthly active users is a great graph to look at. If it goes up, it means that people like your app.

  28. App Audience

  29. Event Tracking

  30. User Acquisition Tracking

    • This feature comes for free when you use Flurry. Using it, you can create custom links that point to your app on the app store. 

    • From there, Flurry is able to report how many people click on your link and how many people download your app from this link. This is a great way to track your app marketing effort and only invest in the work that drives downloads.

  31. App Annie

    • Different metrics coming from App Annie. 

    • I especially like the Daily Ranks screen which shows me on a single screen in which country my app is the most popular.

  32. Thank you & Questions

  33. Let's connect

  34. Video, Slides, and Code link

  35. Upcoming Events


Notes from audience

  • Longer reviews are better in the app store. Get your customers to leave a nice long review
  • Reviews are separated by country in the App Store, so you'll need to try for 5 stars per country
  • Apple is tracking how long people are using app before leave review, so this discourage people from downloading/reviewing/deleting quickly.
  • Seb uses to learn and share ideas
  • Are paid apps ranked higher? No 
  • 7 day honeymoon after app release -- much more downloads for one week, then drops after that
  • Etsy has vector art for Kids games
  • Apple does not take into account the app description for ASO -- only the title, keywords, and IAP names

Questions from audiance

Does app keyword order matter in Sensor Tower?

The answer is yes. It changes the traffic and difficulty apparently. It matters when you're searching Google for websites. That said, the order you list your keywords in when you submit to Apple for the App Store does not matter.

What are the ASO keyword suggestion tools people use?

Are paid apps given a ranking boost over free apps?