We had 10 hackers come to our kickoff event at Hacker Dojo. We’re going to host events about every other week.

iWatch app ideas

  • Payments
  • Fitness
  • Sleep

UX prototyping tools

Animation Frameworks

  • Pop by Facebook (used on the Paper app)
    • Facebook has plans to integrate Pop into a workflow with Origami. The latest news seems to be from the end of April when Pop was released and the integration is not yet ready. That said, prototyping in Origami is still a hot thing to do even if you can't automatically export the animations. I found this tutorial helpful, "I was able to quickly (~10 mins) prototype my UI until I had a basic radial menu. Had I tried to do this in code for the first time around, it would have taken much longer."

Animation Samples

Community Resources

  • Jay Thrash gave a talk at the Alt Conference on Prototyping with Origami.(The audio starts at 10:56.)
  • Scott Hurff has a tutorial seriesQuartz Composer & Facebook Origami Crash Course.
  • Our community will be using happywatch on GitHub to share code. We'll post notes to this websitehttp://happy.watch.

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