We had a good meetup event last Thursday at Hacker Dojo. Jonathan Stone taught us how to think creatively and build an app that people actually use.

We split up into teams and brainstormed Watch app ideas. We learned that good paper storyboards include a setting, character, problem, and resolution. 

All of us who made it to the end dusted off our artistic abilities and drew our own stories in comic strip squares. You can see a sample in the background header image for this blog post. ;)



Jakob Nielsen’s Ten Usability Heuristics help you evaluate if your design is going to suffer from any common pitfalls.

Watch App Ideas:

Use your phone as a booby trap

  • when you put down you phone, we can tell you if somebody moved it
  • when somebody does, it starts recoding
  • you might be worried about your children accessing your account while you're away
  • or you might go to a gym and leave you phone sitting
  • to measure the need, we could ask users to keep a diary, how many times they leave their phone
  • categories of people: parents, restaurant workers, office workers, gym members

 Contextual search 

  • data from the watch’s sensors to help inform searches
  • imagine you are looking to find a gym
  • you might be a marathoner or live a sedentary lifestyle
  • to measure the quality of matches, we could watch how they search today, what are the steps they go through. And, when they do get a recommendation, how happy are they are

Correlate biometrics with how you feel

  • Monitor to see if they are sedentary, their heart rate is going up
  • diary how they are feeling every couple of hours,
    • could be a short audio recording, 15 seconds
    • or an easy to do diary button -- I’m happy, smiley face
  • call a close friend, see if that affects them
  • try different media, book, movie to see if that changes anything
  • over time, figure out what suggestions work and which things don’t.

Let us know in the comments if you have any storyboarding questions or ideas for future design events.