We had a good meetup event at Hacker Dojo. Pek Pongepaet presented mocking up a Watch app interface in Sketch. Dylan Rosario then took those image assets and transformed them into a working WatchKit app using an Xcode storyboard.



  1. Copy screens that are similar to what you're looking for from the Apple Watch UI template
  2. Edit the text and colors to your liking
  3. Crop images to a circle shape
  4. Export the retina assets


  1. Import your image assets
  2. Assemble each screen with WatchKit interface objects 
  3. Hook up a storyboard so that many controllers go to the same next step

Code and Design Resources

One More Thing

The movie app mentioned at the end is called Marquee. If you are interested, you can sign up to be notified about its release.

Our meetup events happen monthly. To see the future events check out our Apple Watch meetup group.