We had an awesome event at if(we) on Saturday. It started bright and early after a full week of WWDC and AltConf. Everybody brainstormed, pitched, designed, developed, and collaborated on apps all day long. Then in the evening 30 teams presented 2-minute demos.

Slideshow by Cuong Hoang

After the Welcome Ceremony, participants were given 30 seconds to pitch the audience their idea.

We streamed the talks live on YouTube with the help of Nerd Stalker. April Manderson had the world on a string and posted throughout the day on our Live Blog.  

Special thanks to Capital One for being the premier sponsor and enabled the hackathon to take place.

We had a Swift mentor and a design mentor on-hand to help the participants get unstuck when they ran into trouble.

The distinguished judging panel included:

  • Michele Titolo, CTO for Women Who Code
  • James Dempsey, a longtime Apple engineer and parttime rockstar
  • Skip Potter, Managing VP of Engineering for Capital One
  • Dani Arnaout from raywenderlich.com
  • Bobby Manuel, the lead iOS engineer at if(we)

Slideshow by George Komoto

Slideshow by Anastasia Volivach


Equal prizes of a gift card for each individual to purchase the size and color of choice Apple Watch Sport Band.

WatchOut (audience favorite!)
An Atari Breakout-style game which used Jony Ive’s face as the ball. You controlled the paddle with the Digital Crown. This team wrote their own game engine. This is the first realtime interactive game I’ve seen for the watch. 
Different gestures trigger different sound effects, for example a fist pump produces a CHA-CHING sound effect. “Has viral potential because when you perform a gesture you’ll do it around your friends” 
Control your going to the next slide from your watch. Get feedback on how much longer you have left to present. “Had a ton of utility. With the haptic feedback on your arm you could see using it for a presentation”
The magic of Harry Potter's Burrow Clock to the Apple Watch so family members instantly know the whereabouts of each other. Real-time notifications when a family member enters and leaves predefined locations, configured as tracked geofences. “Something that everybody deals with all the time — tracking family members. There was a great sense of movement to it. You could see who someone was at their final destination.” 

Honorable mentions

These did not receive a prize, but instead received special acknowledgment from the judges.

WatchOS Sampler
 It includes: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Hand drawing with Core Graphics, Audio Recording and Playback, PickerStyles, Taptic Engine, Showing Alerts, Animations with Digital Crown. "Will be really useful for the community to test out the different interface and feedback options."
Air Drum
You can play drums just by wearing your watch, using the motion data. "We all just want to rock out.” 
You can find people around you who want to do have fun with the same activity. “For making good use of location to connect people” 
Propeller Pet
A virtual pet on your watch, that helps you get exercise. When your “pet” needs to go for a walk, you have to actually go out and walk so that your pet stays happy. “Making fitness fun again” 

Slideshow by George Komoto

Boris Bügling, one of the contributors to CocoaPods, added native watchOS support to the framework for his hack. 

 Photo by George Komoto

Photo by George Komoto

 Photo by George Komoto

Photo by George Komoto

This young man, Jeffrey Huang, is in town from Chicago. He is 10 years old. He built an app to help connect with others who want to play sports. For example, you could find out how many people are currently playing tennis and get directions to the court.

You can find Jeffrey on YouTube where he publishes his own code tutorials.

John Brewer, a machine vision expert and Hacker Dojo member, built a game where you could train yourself to recognize the different haptic feedback taps that the Apple Watch produces. 

 Photo by George Komoto

Photo by George Komoto


All the team presentations

Video summary

  • A brief intro from Ben Morrow (@ 0:00)
  • All the presentations cut to have just the important parts (@ 0:36)
    • with the team names overlaid on each clip
  • The winners announcement from the judges (@ 1:14:48)
  • A big thank you at the end (@ 1:18:47)

Order of presentations:

  1. Shower Thoughts @ 0:00
  2. Air Drum @ 3:06
  3. ci2go @ 5:19
  4. HiWatch5 @ 6:37
  5. Emergency Connect  @ 8:28
  6. Emmy @ 9:46
  7. Smile @ 11:15
  8. Join Sport @ 13:56
  9. Not It @ 16:37
  10. Pow @ 17:55
  11. Rollin @ 20:20
  12. Voicechat @ 22:39
  13. Prezi Remote @ 24:35
  14. Propeller Pet @ 27:55
  15. 5 Words a Day @ 30:09
  16. pWard @ 33:40
  17. Family Burrow Clock @ 35:20
  18. Lava Me @ 38:46
  19. Pace @ 41:38
  20. Whose Voice @ 46:05
  21. Taptic Trainer @ 49:36
  22. Watch Color @ 52:45
  23. Watch Mood @ 54:36
  24. watchOS Sampler @ 56:00
  25. Watch Out Jony @ 59:36
  26. Watch Pods @ 1:01:55
  27. Scape @ 1:03:30
  28. Med Evolve @ 1:06:00
  29. Memora @ 1:08:47
  30. Redford @ 1:11:56

1-minute trailer

This event wouldn't have been possible without the help of volunteers. We had people working on streaming video, shooting cinematic video, snapping quality photography, preparing delicious catering, greeting personably at check in, obtaining clear sound, arranging dramatic lighting, performing efficient set up & teardown, engaging with social media, and announcing delightfully. Sincere thanks to each of you. You rock!


Amanda Stallard, April Manderson, Aravind Dutta, Ben Morrow, Cuong Hoang, Greg Viloria, Grigory Rudko, Jim Kresge, John Ngoi, Juan Alvarez, Kenji Yamamoto, Kim Nguyen, Miki Heitzman, Navid Syed, Nick Angel, Rachel Fee, Roslyn Lau, Rosy Zuinga, Sam Wright, Shannon Tate, Steve Sarner, Trevor Morgan

The next WatchKit Hackathon will be this fall. See you there!