We had fun events on Tuesday in Santa Clara and Thursday in San Francisco. Ben Morrow presented the changes in watchOS 3. Then developers had a chance to show off their Watch apps.

Event Description 

Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3 have arrived! Let's get together and watch (pun intended) the apps being built by our fellow meetup group members.

Speakers will present their apps for Apple Watch and share the tips they learned while developing for watchOS 3. Attendees will learn about design and development. You'll also be able to download many of the apps from the App Store and give the developers feedback.

Apps by Presenters

Special thanks to Forrest Folsom for the photography!


by Ethan Fan + Huan Liu

Auto Exercise Tracker and Workout Log for Gym


by Ethan Fan + Huan Liu

Use Apple Watch as golf swing analyzer

Edge for Pokemon GO

by Ben Morrow

Compare Pokemon stats for gym battles


by Ben Morrow

Draw smooth, colorful figures using a pan gesture recognizer. Open source!


by Ben Morrow

Animated ring charts in SpriteKit for bounce easing and color change effects. Open source!

All these are from chapters in the book, watchOS by Tutorials. When you buy the book you'll get the source code and detailed lessons:


by Ben Morrow

Internationalized app for tracking corporate sales


by Ben Morrow

SpriteKit & SceneKit game using the accelerometer


by Ben Morrow

Sports app with context-sensitive Dock snapshots


by Ben Morrow

Move, zoom, and inspect graphs with the Digital Crown and touch gestures

Big Movers

by Ben Morrow

Accessibility friendly view of the daily largest percentage change stocks