We had a great event at Hacker Dojo on Tuesday. It was our biggest event yet! We graduated from beginners to intermediate developers with the Swift language. You can download the playground we created from our group Github profile.

Swift Resources

Treehouse has a Swift track complete with four courses:

  • Learn Swift Basics
  • Learn Swift Functions
  • Build a Fun Facts App with Swift
  • Build a Weather App with Swift

We ❤ Swift has a great blog post that goes into depth on the Higher Order Functions we practiced. Map, Filter, Reduce and more – Part 1

RunSwiftLang.com lets you compile and run Swift in your web browser. So if you find yourself without a Mac or Xcode isn't cooperating, this is a good bet.

NatashaTheRobot has an excellent newsletter called, This Week in Swift. She sends it out each Thursday. You can browse the archives and subscribe to have it delivered to you by filling out the form at the bottom of that Archives page.

At the end of our event I asked if there were any requests for what to learn next. These were our ideas for future events:

  • view animations

  • practical functional programming

  • making simple apps with interface Builder

  • data storage

  • cloud services

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas. Soon I'd like to start a Tutorials section on this site where we have videos and articles posted.